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JE - Starstruck - Kusano/Yamapi

Title: Starstruck
Pairings: Kusano Hironori / Yamashita Tomohisa
Rating: R
Author Notes: This is for the lovely yamapea who loves Kusapi with me~

[Kusano/Yamapi, R]

Yamapi has been watching Kusano rehearse for a while.

Two and a half hours to be exact; it’s supposed to be Yamapi’s day off. He’d just wanted to drop by, see how Kusano is doing. He’s still the leader after all (even if he doesn’t usually do any leader-ish things) and it’s his job to check on all the members.

And Kusano was to be a NEWS member again, soon.

Yamapi had been overjoyed, of course; their group was finally going to be complete again! But neither his position as the group leader, nor the soon-to-be reunion could possibly explain why Yamapi’ss still sitting there, watching Kusano repeat his dance steps over and over and over again. He has started to practice She’s All Mine now and Yamapi just stares and suddenly feels very much like a star struck fangirl – which is ironic, because he’s the popular one, the poster-child of Johnny’s, yet he feels like Kusano, even after a suspension this long, just oozes the kind of charisma that huge celebrities possess.

When Kusano’s practice is finally over – finally, because Yamapi hadn’t been able to tear his eyes away, but he also really needed to eat - Yamapi gets up to leave but Kusano calls out his name.

“Can I have a word?” Kusano asks, “In the dressing room?”

Yamapi, ever the responsible senior, nods and heads towards said room.


“Thank you for watching my practice, Yamashita-senpai,” Kusano says with a happy smile and bows slightly.

Yamapi finds it weird to be addressed so formally by Kusano of all people. Kusano had always been a bit of a rebel; back during KKKity days he’d been a real brat, never respecting his seniors (except Kame – for reasons completely beyond Yamapi, Kusano really really really liked Kame), always playing pranks on everyone, always loud, always a joke on his lips.

But Kusano had been taught to behave during trainee time, Yamapi knows as much. He’d been taught to be respectful and well-mannered, a good idol, and he’d had enough time to perfect these newfound qualities.

“You’re very welcome, Kusano-kun,” Yamapi replies, just as formally. It feels weird and awkward, but Kusano had started talking like that first and Yamapi didn’t want to ruin Kusano’s progress, “I’m more than happy to do what’s expected of me as lead—”

“God, Pi, you sound so dutiful,” Kusano suddenly snickers and slings an arm around Yamapi’s shoulder. “Like someone from Shounentai, a respectable senpai, someone I can learn from. You sound ridiculous!”

He’s grinning at Yamapi and Yamapi kind of wants to kick him, because he’s embarrassed and Kusano tricked him by pretending to be all formal, but then Yamapi can’t help but smile back at Kusano; he releases that the younger boy is still the same as two years ago, a total prankster. And for some reason that makes Yamapi happy.

Kusano’s pranks had always been something he’d particularly liked; Kusano was always so carefree – and Yamapi liked being carefree; there just weren’t many people he felt comfortable to be carefree with.

“You’re so annoying!” Yamapi says, but he ruffles Kusano’s hair and snickers, and when they both plop down on one of the couches, all the tension he has been feeling for the past few days is suddenly gone.


“So, how’s your love life?”

This is definitely not what Yamapi had had in mind when Kusano had asked him to ‘have a word’, and he finds himself staring again, less star struck this time, and more confused and a little bit embarrassed.

“What love life?” Yamapi asks, then mentally kicks himself because really that just said it all. It’s not hard to imagine what Ryo would reply to a statement like this (“Why am I not surprised? I mean, seriously, who’d date someone as hideous and fat as you?”) or what Jin would reply (“Man, that really sucks, Pi! I mean, especially for your hand. Does it feel really sore?”) but Kusano just smirks and says nothing and shifts a little closer.

Yamapi suddenly feels a little teensy bit uncomfortable. It’s kind of ridiculous, really, Kusano is his friend and band mate and they’ve sat like this countless times, before, but something about the way Kusano is looking at him as different from all those times.

“What?” he asks, defensively, and crosses his arms over his chest.

“Nothing,” Kusano says immediately, then chews on his lip thoughtfully. Yamapi decides he looks rather suspicious. “I just thought you must be really stressed out with all your responsibilities and your drama shoots and guest appearances on variety shows…” He trails off and looks at Yamapi expectantly.

“Well, umm. Yeah.” Yamapi nods and isn’t quite sure how to reply to that.

“So I was thinking, as your dutiful trainee, I’d help you relax a little.” Kusano smirks again (Yamapi thinks it looks just a little bit sleazy) and mock-bows again. “What do you say … Yamashita-san?”

Yamapi narrows his eyes. “Stop it, that’s weird, don’t call me—”

But Kusano suddenly shifts against him pushes Yamapi back into the couch and with another rather self-satisfied smirk he presses their lips together. It doesn’t really register in Yamapi’s brain for a few moments that Kusano is kissing him and when he finally realizes that yes, this is really happening, he kind of freezes, because this is not a situation he’s usually confronted with. Kusano pulls back a little and makes an annoyed little noise against Yamapi’s mouth.

“Seriously, Pi,” he mumbles, “You’re not that inexperienced, are you?”
Yamapi starts to protest, but Kusano uses the opportunity to shove his tongue into Yamapi’s mouth and suddenly Yamapi knows exactly what to do and how to kiss back and Kusano is really quite the amazing kisser and –

“Fuck,” Yamapi gasps when Kusano suddenly shoves a hand down Yamapi’s pants and of course he is hard, painfully hard. And once Kusano actually starts stroking him, deliberately slow at first, then harder, more erratic, Yamapi’s breath hitches and he can’t concentrate on kissing anymore. He throws his head back and moans helplessly, arching into Kusano’s hand and urging him to go faster, faster, faster still; it doesn’t take long for Yamapi to buck his hips frantically and come, Kusano’s name on his lips.

“There,” Kusano says, still smirking, still annoying and irritating and bratty, though Yamapi doesn’t have the energy to care. “Better?”


“You know, your leader qualities haven’t really improved,” Kusano quips on their way out of the building.

Yamapi looks at Kusano, surprised and a little bit dumbfounded. He knows he isn’t the ideal leader, but for Kusano to mention it like that? Is he that bad a leader? Is he –

“I mean, here I am, treating you and what do I get in return? Nothing.” Kusano laughs at Yamapi’s horrified face and Yamapi’s expression turns into a smile and he hits Kusano over the head.

“Idiot,” he says fondly, “You have rehearsal tomorrow, too.”

Kusano laughs and slings his arm around Yamapi’s shoulder and Yamapi blushes, despite himself. He feels like a school girl who’d just been asked out on a date for the first time in her life, which is really ridiculous because not only has Yamapi been on tons of dates, but Kusano is also younger then him.

“You look like a blushing, innocent school girl,” Kusano teases.

“You look like an annoying, irritating brat,” Yamapi deadpans. “No wait, that’s what you are.”

“Maybe,” Kusano muses. “But at least I have talented hands.”

Yamapi has no adequate reply to that.


skdgfbkjgd KUSAPI


I thought it was going to be painful!

“Thank you for watching my practice, Yamashita-senpai,”
I was just happily reading along and then I saw this and I think that my brain crashed and was like "Wha..? Senpai? wtf is this."

But then but then-!

“God, Pi, you sound so dutiful,”
Mischevious! Kusa was back and I was glad that it wasn't going to turn out as a huge pile of heart shattering angst.

I loved your Kusano, I really really did. I loved that he was so teasing and full of laughter and he wasn't bitter. There's something about bitter trainee!kusa that just makes me sad face, because he doesn't strike me as the type to mull over things that happened in the past, you know?

ougod, when did this get so long D:?

so, um your kusapi is win.
very much win.
yes, goodness Korea, you make this pairing work for me when no one else does. ♥ Also Jin and Ryo hahaha ftw :D
Yay KusaPi~! But what do you expect? I RP KusaPi all day and night as a hobby. XD Whee~! I heart this pairing hard core.
KUSAPI OMG I LOVE YOU THANKS YOU *________* That was OMG HOT and I might just have to read this again and maybe print it so that I can read it over and over and over again XD THANKS *___*
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS perfect~ and once again that PUSHY!Kusa that we all know Pi-chan loves <3 <3 those two PWN the hell outta me~~ you get major win... (Do you know about the KusaPi RP comm? If you don't you SHOULD!)
YAY for kusapi .. v^.^v
this is ssssooooooo great..
Kusapi just WINZ...I like them more then PIN ::gets bricked::

it's HOT...it's Kusano making Yamapi all kinds of uncomfortable and like that and...well, yeah, it's an AWESOME KUSAPI, what more?

OMG. Kusapi. And it's sooooo good! sdiasiudta siodfau gfausdgfyausdf asudyfasyduasdg~ I love this pairing, and there's so little for it and then you wrote this and and and -- OMG I think I love you~ ♥
man the love life part was HILARIOUS!!!! so funny