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JE - Beach Boys - Ryo/Shige/Tegoshi

Title: Beach Boys
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo / Kato Shigeaki / Tegoshi Yuya
Rating: PG-13
Author Notes: Wow, I haven't posted anything in forever, huh? I wrote this ages ago for jadedfrenzy during jthreesome and never remembered to post it here. So here it is, enjoy!

Beach Boys

When Ryo wakes up and he’s face-down in the sand on a beach he doesn’t remember going to, he screams. It would have been a rather girly, undignified scream, if not for the fact that he’s (as mentioned before) laying face-down. This way it just results in Ryo eating a lot of sand and choking on it.

It takes him around five minutes to breathe normally again and once he’s calmed down, Ryo tries to think of every possible explanation for him being on what seems like an uninhabited island.

He comes up with one.

“AKANISHI,” he screams into the wind. “YAMASHITA. I’M GOING TO KILL BOTH OF YOU.”


When Shige wakes up and he’s hanging up-side down from a tree even though he clearly remembers falling asleep in his own bed listening to Fall Out Boy on his iPod, he closes his eyes, counts to ten and opens them again.

Unfortunately that doesn’t change anything.

It takes Shige around forty-five minutes to free himself, though later he would tell Koyama it had taken him three – after all there are no witnesses around except for that one odd bird that keeps chirping at Shige in what almost sounds like a Tegomass song.

Once he is safely on his two feet again, Shige tries to assess the situation and he comes up with three possible reasons for him being in this strange place:

a) He is dreaming. Shige quickly dismisses this option, simply because his head hurts and he’s really sweaty and this feels much too real to be a dream. Shige knows this, because he’s had a lot of dreams, including several nonsensical ones and a number of highly erotic dreams, but that’s neither here nor there.

b) He is suffering from memory loss and he’s here on a holiday with Koyama. This option seems logical at first; he spends most of his vacation time with Koyama and they’ve even been to Hawaii and Okinawa together. But it still doesn’t explain why he was upside-down in a tree, why Koyama is nowhere to be seen, and why he’s still wearing his cherry-print pyjamas from the night before. Which leaves Shige with:

c) Aliens abducted him, experimented on him and then left him in a strange place so he’d never remember what really happened to him.

Much to Shige’s dismay, option c) seems like the most logical one, and so he spends the next hour and a half imagining horrific probing machines while he’s tramping through the jungle trying to find help. He has just started to procure nightmare-worthy images of anal probing machines, when suddenly he reaches a sandy beach.

Shige sighs in relief as he spots a person on that very beach. A small person who seems to be shouting angrily, but still – another human being nonetheless.

As he walks closer, though, Shige’s relief turns into anxiety.

“N-Nishikido-kun?” he asks, his eyes wide.


When Tegoshi wakes up, he’s curled up in the sand, a palm tree providing cool shade and protection from the scorching sun and two large rocks shielding the spot from the wind.

“Wow,” he says to himself as he slowly sits up and rubs his sleepy eyes. “Wishing upon a star really works!”

He slowly gets up, shakes the sand out of his clothes and walks along the beach, the ocean water cooling his feet and the wind playing with his hair. It doesn’t take him long to stumble upon his two fellow band maters and when he does, a happy shriek escapes his lips.

“Nishikido-kun!” he shouts triumphantly. “Shige! You’re here too!”


Twenty minutes later and they’re all sitting under Tegoshi’s palm tree.

(“It’s my very own tree!” Tegoshi had told them proudly. “I woke up under it!”)

“I woke up hanging from a tree,” Shige had replied dryly. He’d purposely left out the upside-down part and how it had taken him ages to get down.

Ryo hadn’t said anything.)

The sun’s going down and the air is getting a little cooler, but Ryo’s still furious and Shige’s still sulking. Tegoshi on the other hand, is beyond excited.

“Isn’t this fun?” he asks and claps happily. “We should play something! Does anyone have a football?”

“Where are they?” Ryo looks around suspiciously. “I’ll strangle them to death, then I’ll revive them and hold their heads in the toilet until they drown.”

Shige sighs. “Why am I the only one wearing pyjamas?”


Another hour passes and Ryo starts being grumpy on top of being furious.

“I’m hungry,” he says for the fifth time in a row. “I haven’t eaten since breakfast! Shige, go look for berries, or something.”

“Why me?” Shige complains, but follows Ryo’s orders anyway.

Tegoshi and Ryo watch Shige disappear into the jungle, and Ryo sighs. Obviously Shige’s not going to find anything; he’s always been useless.

There is a long silence, and Ryo stares at his feet, still annoyed (and hungry).

“I’ll go look, too,” Tegoshi finally declares. “Maybe someone left us a box of food!”

“Whatever,” Ryo says. “Knock yourself out.”


Shige miraculously does find a few berries, and when Ryo’s face lights up at the sight of them, Shige feels oddly pleased. The feeling only lasts for a minute though, until Tegoshi shows up.

And he’s carrying a box.

“What the hell?” Ryo says and drops Shige’s carefully collected berries into the sand.

“I told you I’d find a box!” Tegoshi announced proudly.

“My berries!” Shige complains.


It takes a while to open the box, and when they finally succeed, the contents are a disappointment to everyone. Especially Ryo.

“What the fuck is this?” he complains as he pulls out a rope, handcuffs, some odd, smelling oils and a jar of an unidentified brown substance. “Where is my food?”

As Ryo picks out the berries that are still clean and Tegoshi babbles about body chocolate, Shige suddenly goes very quiet.

“Those are all sex toys,” he says after a minute, his eyes very wide.

Ryo stops chewing and stares at Shige. “How would you even know?”

“I’ve had dreams—” Shige starts, his face flushing, when Tegoshi of all people saves him the embarrassment of explaining to Ryo how he’d dreamed about being tied to a tree and being ravished by Kimura Takuya, the sexiest sempai Johnny’s Jimusho had ever seen.

“Body chocolate!” Tegoshi repeats and before anyone can reply, he’s removed his shirt, opened the jar and started to draw chocolate hearts on his belly.

“Tegoshi,” Ryo says slowly. “If you need that crap, you’re not doing it right.” He still dips his finger in the chocolate line, though, then holds it up to Shige’s mouth.

“Come on, Shige, don’t be a spoilsport,” Tegoshi coaxes him.

Shige quickly picks up a few berries from the sand and pops them into his mouth.

“No thanks,” he mumbles lamely. “I’m already full.”


“Oh, I also found this!” Tegoshi says when the body chocolate is starting to dry on his skin and procures a large bottles from behind his back.

“Fuck,” Ryo says and takes the bottles out of Tegoshi’s hands. “Finally something useful!”

“What is it?” Shige asks and eyes the bottle anxiously.

“Rum!” Ryo declares happily. “We’re going to get wasted!”

“Oh, God,” Shige says and buries his head in his hands.

The rum is strong and it doesn’t take long for Ryo to ramble about how much he hates Taguchi, or for Tegoshi to recite his newest attempt at erotic lyrics or for both of them to start trying to convince Shige that making out is a good idea.

“We shouldn't do this,” Shige slurs uncertainly, when Tegoshi finally slides an idle hand into his pyjama pants.

“Oh don’t worry, Shige-chan,” Tegoshi says with a wink. “We're just hugging with our bodies.”

Shige is about to complain that Tegoshi is younger than him, and he doesn’t need to treat him like a kid or talk like he knows everything and Shige doesn’t (even though it’s true – he has no clue whatsoever), when Ryo’s hands joins Tegoshi’s and he squeezes.

“Shut the fuck up and get on with it," Ryo says grumpily. "I'll hug you with my body all night long.”


Later, when they’re on a plane back home (Koyama had gotten really worried and for some reason the rescue team had found them immediately) everyone asks them how they’d passed the time while they were stranded.

Ryo doesn’t say anything about how they’d disrupted the quiet beach atmosphere with choked breaths and sighs and cries for yes, please, don’t stop, more.

Tegoshi keeps quiet about Shige getting sulky and complaining about being left out when it had just been Tegoshi and Ryo for a minute and doesn’t mention how Shige makes the funniest squealing noise right before or how Ryo’s eyes go really soft right after.

Shige really doesn’t say anything at all.


When they reach home, Shige gets sick, throws up three times within an hour and his Mum declares that he must have eaten bad fruit.

‘Why is it always me?’ Shige thinks and stays in bed for the rest of the day.


The next day, back in the NEWS rehearsal room, Shige is gingerly inspecting his sun-burned face in the mirror, when Yamapi and Akanishi Jin burst into the room and invade Shige’s personal space immediately.

“Ne, Shige-chan,” Yamapi says and puts his arm around Shige’s shoulder. “You owe us!”

“Owe you?” Shige asks, flabbergasted, and wiggles out of Yamapi’s tight grip, only to have the arm replaced by Jin’s. “Owe you for what?”

“For finally getting laid, of course!” Jin answers proudly. “Luckily I was eavesdropping on Tegoshi making a wish on the rooftop, but dude, making it happen was difficult! We had to drug all three of you and fly you to Okinawa! Do you know how much that cost us?”

“A fucking fortune!” Yamapi cuts in. Shige notices with some sort of strange detachment that Yamapi has slipped a hand into Shige’s right back pocket. “And we even left you a box of toys! So you better put out, Shige!”

Three things flash through Shige’s mind, just as Jin drops down to his knees and slowly slides the zipper of Shige’s pants down.

1. Ryo had been right when he screamed for Yamapi and Jin.

2. Akanishi Jin is a slut.

3. Since when has Kato Shigeaki been popular?

Not that anyone’s complaining.



i liek it (^-^) time to change my pantys though lol ;-D
Because of the KimuTaku reference? Tell me about it! Why must he be so hot? *fans self*


idk but im glad u understadn grrl coz some ppl dont im like hey ill leave a fedbacks and then i do it and pppl mak the complains and im like .. but rrl u asked for this! lol u kno what i mean. its hard in english but i want to make the nice with my words like u do like, i, want to make the comments and the writing & ect. i really like your fictions though & username. i wish to have the username but am undesided or the the names of its. please write.
I always enjoy feedback and I promise you I won't make the complains or make any dust!
After all we're all JE brethren, ne!

Glad you enjoyed ♥
Mmmmmmmmmm funny and sexy and cute. Great job. I enjoyed this a lot! You get many tiny hearts: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.
Thank you!! I can never get enough tiny hearts! XD
Glad you liked! ♥

Thank you! ♥

Thanks for reading!!

Shige's life is so hard. <3
hadjgsdlkhsdhfas at least Shige get's laid? XD

... mmmm eyeliner.
I loved it! Thank you :)
Thank you! Glad you enjoyed ♥
I don't know if I commented before, but I think this is SO awesome. Your Shige fails so brilliantly :D
Thank you!! Glad you're enjoying the Shige fail! XD He's one of my fave characters to write ♥
Hahaha it's just too easy to make him suffer, isn't it? And of course I am, you write him so well! :D
“I’ve had dreams—” Shige starts, his face flushing, when Tegoshi of all people saves him the embarrassment of explaining to Ryo how he’d dreamed about being tied to a tree and being ravished by Kimura Takuya, the sexiest sempai Johnny’s Jimusho had ever seen.

This was when I decided to finally get going and build you a shrine. ♥
KimuTaku FTW ♥ XD
The Ai Nante group is the best OT3 in News. ♥ Though ShigePin is hot too.

I love your Shige.
I would definitely go for some ShigePin XD

Thank you~!! ♥